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The free, independent exchange for teaching materials and course-planning tools

Epodia is an collaborative site where you post your own teaching materials for colleagues to use in their classrooms -- and where you'll find original new materials ready for your own use.

Built by faculty, for faculty

Epodia is a grass-roots initiative to facilitate the exchange of content and ideas among instructors in higher education. Its entire collection of quality, hard-to-find items comes from faculty and thought leaders worldwide.

Independent. Diverse. Free.

• Posting and downloading content is totally free and open to every instructor, independent of academic affiliation.

• You can post syllabi, exercises, slide presentations, problem sets, tools, exams, case studies, teaching notes, articles, and more...

Only registered members can access Epodia's content and custom functions. Membership is reserved for qualified instructors and corporate trainers. Students are excluded.

Showcase your materials.
Reach beyond your classroom.

Epodia relies on its members -- and on you -- to provide feedback to the items on the site and to regularly add new content.

Discover new teaching items for your next class...

"What teaching materials are my colleagues using?"
... Look up Epodia's Cases and teaching notes

"What do other professors cover in their classes?"
... Read Syllabi from across the world

"What tests are they using?"
... Check Final Exams from competing schools

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